To give each department manager a more equal work load, realign categories to create new departments.

Sample department and list of categories it includes

  1. Automotive stick-on clocks
  2. Polaroid film
  3. Coloring books
  4. Barbie pets & Ken clothing
  5. Cushions for patio furniture
  6. Dental floss (mint & cinnamon only)
  7. Typewriter ribbons
  8. Boys' sports team t-shirts
  9. Soup and Pop-Tarts
  10. Toasters (4-slice only)
  11. Martha Stewart "Grandma" pillows
  12. Billiards accessories
  13. Press-on nails
  14. Plastic flower pots
  15. Anything plaid.

Of course, management has the option of randomly changing these categories without notice at any time.