"Caroline in the Store"
Cartoon Contest

     In 1997, Kmart launched an in-house ad campaign with the intent of raising employee awareness of certain safety issues. Each month a new poster would be displayed in the hallway near the employee time clock. They featured a gray, cartoon spokesdog named "Top Gun" (I think they stole the idea of "McGruff" - the crime dog) that acted as the narrator for the accident-ridden employees and customers being depicted in various situations.


     For the upcoming poster featuring Fire Safety, they announced a contest which was open to all employees.

The challenge was to submit a cartoon-style entry promoting fire safety.

"You can be a Famous Cartoonist", touted the flyer.

"You could be the lucky winner whose cartoon is published in October's Fire Safety Poster."

Employees were encouraged to try to work Top Gun into their cartoon if they could.

     I decided to create one. Here's my entry.

Here's the pen they sent me. (Actually, I don't think Frank, our Loss Prevention manager, ever sent in my entry. So I never got an official "Top Gun" pen.
After the contest was over, I asked Frank about my prize. He gave me this generic loss prevention pen.)